PC Health Check plus Cleaning



This could be inside your computer right now.

Most people don’t think about what goes on inside your computer as long as the outside is running your favourite game, office programs, surfing the net etc…

Computers like to collect dust. This dust packs its way into case fans, CPU cooling fans, GPU (Graphics Card) cooling fans, power supply fans and settle on the main boards inside your computer. What happens is that all that dust acts like insulation it keeps all that heat generated by the motherboard, CPU, GPU, Power supply, etc. to remain on the circuit boards.

It build up more and more heat until it burns out the chips, caps, etc. kills the CPU because it has no air flow to cool down the CPU. Dust will stop the air flow getting to the required parts that need cooling.Would you run your car without the water coolant in it? No you would not, why because it will overheat damaging the engine. The some principle hear, think of the inside of your computer as a car engine it needs to be cooled. It will run, but running it hotter then it should be, will over time, damage the hardware inside your computer this happens, You would have to replacing the CPU, Motherboard or other parts could mount up to a lot of money.

This service includes the following..


1. Stripping down the parts


2. Cleaning the ALL parts


3. Cleaning out the case


4. New terminal paste on CPU


5. Reorganizing the Cables.


6. Check the OS for problems.


7. High level Virus Scan


8. Burn in Test of all systems

Ready to go

Contact us today for your PC health check up
& clean-up your computer

Service cost €40.00
inc VAT

Call us today on 091-395419 or 085-2693226

E-mail: info@techwebyte.com

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